The Battle Waltz System

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The Battle Waltz System

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:51 am

The Battle Waltz system allows an individual to entire to Duel themselves and change the outcome of combat by unleashing their inner power as a card effect!

Too use this feature all you need to do is play the "Battle Waltz" spell card during your turn.

At any time during a Duel, on your draw phase; You can add "Battle Waltz" from your deck or graveyard to your hand instead of your normal draw.
If "Battle Waltz" was successfully activated once already in a duel and it is activated again, you must Tribute a monster or pay 1000 life points to activate the "Battle Waltz" card again.
You can only use "Battle Waltz" if you do not control the card summoned by "Battle Waltz"


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