Currently Known Species

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Currently Known Species

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 17, 2016 3:05 pm

Here is a list of the currently know Species. Remember any species you create will be added to this list.

-Humans - The underdogs of the dimension, Humans are your typical individual with no real amazing traits yet some how captivate all of the Other-Species. Humans have no major issues with the Other-Species though Humans tend to be Hunted and Bullied by Other-Species and even other humans.

-Vampires - One of the two races known to be children of the night. Vampires are a human looking species with extraordinary Strength and Senses. Their lust to feed on blood gives them a bad name to some of the other species, yet vampires are known as highly Noble creatures. They share a life long feud with the Lycan and hunt for any individuals that have Human blood within their Veins.

-Lycan - One of the two races known to be children of the night. Lycans are a human looking species with extraordinary strength and senses. When their blood lust surges Lycan transform into Bipedal Wolf Creatures dubbed by humans to be Werewolf. They share a long feud with the Vampires and lose themselves to Feral Instincts when under the light of the full moon.

-Dracoliche - The Dracoliche are a species of Humanoid Dragons. Dracoliche with time breed with humans, but despite this many pure blooded Dracoliche remain. Human looking in nature or a mixture of Human and Dragonic traits, the Dracoliche are known for their power dragonic presence and ability to transfer their souls to new dragons when faced with death. Dracoliche have a standing hatred for vampires for hunting their Half Human spawn.

-Phantom - The Phantom are a strange race recently acknowledged. The Phantom exists lacking an Anchor to the dimension, thus they appear as shadows that walk among st everyone else. Through a Bonding Ritual Phantom can have a body created for them by linking them to a Host. So long as this bond remains a Phantom can interact and exist within the dimension like a normal individual.

-Spiritual Gem - The Spiritual Gem are a race of Sentient Spirits that live within precious Jewels and Gems. These Spiritual Gems through history where normally forged into Weapons due to their ability to manifest their own Bodies as Spiritual Weapons. Witches and Wizards through years have created Flesh bodies for them, allowing them to live a live as normal as they can, despite their Hearts being a Precious Stone. They have general respect for the Magical Species like the Witches and their like.


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