Character Skeleton

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Character Skeleton

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 17, 2016 4:04 am

You can choose to post a picture here if you want, but it isnt manditory
Name: Simple to understand, though last names are needed unless you arent of a main family

Age: remember youth is different for every race

Species: What Species are you? Make sure you name it and if its a Unique Species you made up, explain it and any issues it has with other races

Deck: Here can put a name if you want, then state the Archetype(s) and theme. You deck doesnt need

Numbers: Here you can name any Numbers you are running in your deck, but to maximum of 3.(Evolutions carry over but only some can be used early on)
Synchro Dragon: If any, pick only 1 that isnt taken. All Synchro Versions Directly related to that one become available to you.

Personality: How your character generally views the world. You background is something you will have but should be discovered by in game intractions

Battle Waltz Info: Here you state your Battle Waltz Cards;
-Star Level
-Type(make this make sense)
-Effect(This is important. The more Power your effect or the more effects you have, the lower your Attack and Defense must be and vice versa)
-Attack Points
-Defense Points


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