Before Peaceful times..

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Before Peaceful times..

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:22 am

At a point long before many can remember Humanity and the Extra Specie Races lived in different realities. However a tragic magical incident created by the Wizards and Witches merged the Realities together. Humans and the Extra Specie began to conflict with each other and soon they broke out into war. Humanity lied at a the edge of extinction and the Extra Specie Races where far more powerful and delved into unknown forces but a group of humans managed to steal a powerful Summoning device from the Witches and used it to their advantage. Using Special tablets, they used the summoning device to summon powerful monsters from another realm and used them in their battle and thus the Summoning Wars began. Both sides began manufacturing Summons devices and Summoning tablets. Soon special tablets were developed by humanity to cast powerful spells and create magical traps. Blood shed and war continued until one day a powerful and Skilled Human in the ways of Summoning fought his way through the fronts and stormed the meeting grounds of the Great Youkai Kings. He demanded a change to ways and a peace among st everyone... the more savage races scowled and growled at the humans offer and demanded his murder however the more Elite Youkai seemed interested with the humans power. Things where being discussed and soon with time the War tapered off, with much conflict still... The magical races began working on a way to help stem the Anger from the war. With this a more Organized version of the Summoning device was created into a battle system regarded as 'Dueling'. Rules and systems where put into place to make it more even and competitive. Though injuries remained and conflict was still rampant... things where better. However things then changed with the invention of the "Battle Waltz" System.


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